Distance Healing

Sending energy to anywhere in the world.

Who can receive distance healing?

Sometimes people go through situations where they’re not able to physically go to a practitioner. Maybe they’re at home with limited mobility, or even in the hospital. 

Other people live in remote places where there’s no access to a healing practitioner. Fortunately, all these people still can receive a healing session, even if they’re not with a practitioner in person. 

Does it really work?

Everything is about energy. Energy goes beyond our material world. We can not see the waves of frequencies, but they’re still there and can immediately reach anywhere in the world, when we focus with intention. 

What kind of treatment can I have?

Distance Reiki

3 Session x 20min each

Total: AUD$90

Tesla Soul Communication

1 Session


Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

3 Sessions x 30min each

Total: AUD$360

How it works?


Choose your session and book on the date/time that suits you best


Follow the instructions you received by email to your distance healing session and payment process.


Using the link you received by email, make the online payment through Paypal.


On the date/time booked, get ready to receive the energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Distance or remote healing is timeless and not limited in any way. We can send healings to the other side of the world.

Absolutely not! The energy transmission for these treatments is extremely strong, so after care of clients is a priority. It is unethical for anyone to offer these treatments by distance and we would never take this risk.

This energy has consciousness. The moment you request a healing you may already begin to feel its effects as it is timeless. We will send three healings within one week.

Many people are sensitive to this energy and can feel the vibrations. However, others just feel relaxed and pleasant. It does not matter. It will always work for your highest good. Our intention is to help you. This is just as important as our techniques. If you request a healing, you will be
treated within a week. Treatments will be over three different days. After a healing clients report a sense of well-being. They are more able to take control of their lives and attract positive people and events into their experience.

We have seen many cases where healing is instantaneous. This depends on the client. Sometimes you need to be aware that your lifestyle is causing your lack of ease. When you receive this energy, you may notice more or meet someone who can help you in a practical way. You may open a page of a book or magazine that points you in the right direction. That is why we do not guarantee immediate cures, but this energy will always help you in the way that is right for you.

A lot of illnesses manifest after a trauma that has not been dealt with. Therefore, our healings always address the cause of your ailment. That can be spiritual or mental. The miracles we see are usually physical and dramatic, such as broken bones healing in half the usual time, but healing occurs at a deeper level to bring that about. We healers are always grateful when clients report positive outcomes. We also work with health carers. We never replace them, so you may be advised to seek professional medical or psychological assistance so we can work together.

No. There are absolutely no contra-indications to this energy work we do. Everyone benefits physical, spiritually and mentally. Children, pregnant women and chronically ill recipients can all receive this treatment. If people are enduring chemo therapy or radiation for tumours, this energy can amplify the effects and reduce the side effects of traditional remedies.

No. The energy will be sent to you and when you are ready to receive it, it will go to the place or places that need it the most. You may or may not be aware of it, depending on how sensitive you are.

Yes. We can send healing to your family, for example, if they are grieving or enduring hardship of any kind. However, it is most effective when it is focused on individuals as it is far more intense.

Oh absolutely yes!!!! All animals and plants respond well to energy healing. When we do a hands-on treatment on pets, they move away after they feel they have received enough energy. Sometimes, they are so excited they squirm and cannot keep still. For these cases and when we have toddlers who need a healing, distance healing is actually better.

Still have questions?

Get in touch today and we will answer all your questions, we are committed to help you to improve your life and want you 100% secure about our treatments.