The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade, than in all previous centuries of its existence.

What is Tesla Metamorphosis?

Tesla Metamorphosis is an energy consciousness healing modality, beyond the logical mind. The energy is activated by the practitioner’s intention to perform healing. It brings intelligent Tesla waves into the energy field around the table. These waves are a multidimensional form of energy vibration. When clients access these waves they become attuned to this higher frequency.

This form of healing has been attracting great interest among scientists because of the fast and often amazing healings, and because of some completely new phenomena around this work.

What are the benefits?

Each person has different experiences, but there are some healing reports from afflictions considered “incurable” in orthodox medicine. In most cases, some of the most common immediate responses are:

How can we prove that works?

Kirlian photography can provide evidence of the changes to the auras of clients who have received the Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis. These aura images show a higher level of consciousness that can be reached immediately using Tesla waves.



In the 1st photo pink and yellow are dominant, colours of love and intellect. The purple and white show the presence of healing.

In the 2nd photo is mainly purple, indicating access to a much higher frequency for healing oneself and others.The strong green shows enhanced teaching and healing abilities.White is the ability to tap into all energies.



In the 1st photo the aura reflects mainly happiness and intellect. Red is present showing her zest for life.

In the 2nd photo, while yellow is still present, it is more gold and there is far more red, the colour of passion and vitality.Purple, which was not visible 3 weeks ago, connects Karen’s crown chakra to the Source. She now has a strong white presence.



In the 1st photo  her emotional and spiritual state at the time of her acrimonious split with her husband. Dark red denotes anger and betrayal. Black may be a sign of depression.

Only one week after the treatment, Kim was able to forgive and let go. White is visible and her aura now looks much healthier. She is able to attract more positive energy into her life.

What kind of treatment can I have?

Clients may choose to experience any one or all of them.  Unlike Reiki, this is not hands-on. Maximum of three sessions are recommended for healing.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

3 Sessions x 30min each

Total: AUD$360

Tesla Soul Communication

1 Session

Total: AUD$120

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis

2 Sessions x 30 min each

Total: AUD$330